My favorite holiday is Halloween because when we go outside we like to go to every single house in the neighborhood. Then we go to another neighborhood to get candy. We always get a lot of candy every year. There is at least one house I´m scared of. The one I went to this year, there was a man in a pig mask holding a chainsaw.

Another reason I like Halloween is that there´s a lot of horrifying things in peoples houses. A lot of teenagers dressed up as pennywise the ¨dancing¨ clown. Another teenager came out to scare us as the same clown. The other guy said ¨bro really´´and that started a fight. That was a fist fight and one of them got a nosebleed. That is how my Halloween went for me this year.

My favorite television shows


Mountain monsters is a show were a team of 6 try to hunt down various monsters that have been sighted all over the world like the bloodless howler,sheepsquatch ,witches and other folklore. They are more focused on unraveling big mysteries in the United States and the AIMS. AIMS stands for Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings. They have caught a lot of monsters supposedly like the devil dogs .

For my next show, it would be the one I call the origins of monster sightings. Monsters and mysteries in America in which a list of the most famous of monsters and newly identified monsters that have been newly seen in the US.They try to collect the most information as possible about the monsters. When they collect as many info as possible. They are very weird things that the show tells like the yahoo.

Ghost brothers is a show about brothers who look for ghost in haunted asylum and houses in the USA. They use there ghost detecting skills to find ghost for people who have problems in there homes or when they past by someplace strange they have very strange problems in a small town.


My favorite YouTuber is Albert’s Stuff

Over the  years I have roamed all over the web but suddenly I step across this channel in YouTube named Albertsstuff

And yes there are two s’s in his name  but you know its not a big deal because YouTube lets anyone create there. He normally does Roblox reviews and he never gave out his identity. He doesn’t  care about what he does because he is a very low self confident person. He does not want to  be reveled as a psychopath or something like that. He does things you would not expect from a You Tuber, like lets say that randomly he goes and curse or something. But he censors the word he says.

My Avatar

 My avatar is Sans from Undertale in which I made in pixelartcreator.

He is a very lazy skeleton who is a small but powerful being. He also describes me by being a cheap dude. He would sell a deep fried ice for 55g in which is 55 gold in the game of Undertale. He extremely would get mad if you did something bad like I do when my brothers blame something on me. I act very much the same as he does. DO NOTHING.

If I were principal/teacher for a day

If I were the principal for a day I would let the students have only 35 minutes in each class and give the teachers a $100 raise per day.  I would have a healthier lunch.  I would have tuna salad instead of cheeseburgers.  I would try to keep more sanitary.  I would give the janitors a day off.  The students would not like me, but I would give out more homework.  There is not a lot of homework given.  I would try to have more extra-curricular activities.

If I  were the teacher, I would get the Chromebooks more involved in the curriculum.  Maybe more research projects.  I would try to have more hands-on activities in a couple of the classes.  It gives the students more experience with their classmates.  Normally students don’t have to cooperate with one another.  This is skill we have to use in the future.

Gray Middle School

Florence Elementary  

20% Project

My 20% project will be about helping families who have a sick patient at a hospital.

I am feeling good about this project because I have had a similar experience when my little brother was being born. Sadly, he died at birth. Now we have a place dedicated for him called an altar. I have noticed that a lot of patients have been given a medicine, but not the best option because they do not know the best option yet. So, with my project I plan on raising money to donate to the hospitals to help the patients be able to afford the right medicines. 

My goals for the month of November are to have a game plan for how we are going to raise money in the spring.  

See my Visual Aide for information

Quality Comments

A good comment explains how and why they liked their post or why they didn’t like it try to g give a good short sentence but don’t make very big paragraph like the one I am writing. When people post a blog they think its not good enough but hen when someone comments that they liked it and what to read more about them.The person who is writing say to themselves hey I just think I can do this and they wanted  to do more than that so a good comment a nice comment encourages someone else.Image result for person looking at the sun

My Passion

My passion is about playing games on the computer.  It is about skill levels like the strategy game of Sugar, Sugar.  This is where you draw to put the sugar into small cups.  This is my favorite one because I just like doing things that are very hard to do.  It is challenging and I can improve my skill level.  There is a Super Mario Bros game that I enjoy playing.  It is from the 1980’s.

Super Mario Logan is a YouTube Channel. It’s funny, but sometimes inappropriate.  It’s about a person that has a head injury.  His brother hit him with a metal bat.  He made a video about his life called Draw My Life.   He makes a video  week sometimes using puppets.  The topics are random.  You never know what you are going to get.  I watch them with my brothers.  It makes us laugh or solve our boredom.


331/365: rawr

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